Josef Hargrave

Global Foresight Manager

Josef is an associate in Arup's Foresight, Research, and Innovation team. As global foresight manager he is responsible for the delivery and management of foresight services, tools, and projects globally. His clients and collaborators include Arup businesses and leadership teams as well as external organizations from a broad range of sectors. Current roles and responsibilities include the coordination of regional foresight leads, the management of Arup’s Inspire insights and benchmarking database, the delivery and regionalization of Arup’s Global Cities Strategy, the development of an Arup position for the circular economy, and an executive consulting project for a leading urban mass transit operator. Josef has a degree in biology from the University of Sheffield and a masters in science and technology management from Manchester Business School. His studies focused on factors impacting innovation at a national, cluster, and organizational scale. He is particularly interested in the history of technological change and the factors that determine the success of innovations. Josef is also a board member at the Museum of Architecture and a futures fellow at the London Transport Museum.

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