“Barranquilla la está Sacando del Estadio” Business Forum

Barranquilla, the biggest city on Colombia’s Atlantic coast, has developed rapidly over the past five years. The city is strategically located in the heart of the wider Caribbean with access to a market of more than 1.4m people through ports, airports, and international agreements.

Bringing together the most important actors of the city’s transformation, “Barranquilla la está Sacando del Estadio” Business Forum was held on August 27 in Bogotá. The event, supported by the company Provalor and newspaper La Republica, aimed to present what’s being done to convert the city into a specialized industrial and port district. Attended by the vice president of Colombia and the mayor of Barranquilla, the forum sessions addressed important actions that have been taken to make the city more attractive to investors.

Due to his role on the Barranquilla development project, Arup’s Pablo Lazo was one of the selected speakers.

Arup's Pablo Lazo

Arup’s Pablo Lazo

He discussed the main strategies of the Barranquilla masterplan, which is based on four key concepts: the direct relationship between free public spaces and the improvement of public health; the inclusion of the entire population in urban mobility; the reconnection of the city with the Magdalena River; and finally, the mitigation of environmental risks.

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