Acoustic plans and Burning Man

This Friday we’re highlighting compelling work in the built environment, from Arup and beyond.

1. Architect Magazine profiles the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. Despite the challenges of a nearby railway line, a small space that needed to accommodate a full orchestra, and a strict national environmental protection policy, the acoustic design team succeeded in creating a crystalline sound experience.

2. The Architects’ Journal is spreading the call for a new Burning Man site plan in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. In keeping with the event’s culture of transience and experimentation, the customary arc will transition in 2017 to the winning design. (Registration or subscription required.)

3. The Global Earthquake Model Foundation spoke to Andrew Thompson about earthquake resilience and risk at the building scale. He discusses the importance of open data sources and consistent, simple language for informing the public and demystifying earthquake engineering.

4. The New York Times describes the newly opened SeaGlass carousel, which offers a whimsical ride in Lower Manhattan. Three 17-foot turntables rotate 18 fiberglass fish while LEDs and mounted speakers immerse riders in a fanciful seascape.

5. An article introducing Fortune Magazine‘s list of 51 companies changing the world for the better (featuring Arup!) argues that capitalism can and should be a force for good.

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