Billy Bishop travels and thermostat battles

This Friday we’re highlighting compelling work in the built environment, from Arup and beyond.

1. The Toronto Star covers the ribbon cutting of the new Billy Bishop pedestrian tunnel, the long-awaited underground connection from mainland Toronto to the island airport.

2. Wired Magazine reports on a contested paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change which suggests that current ASHRAE standards are calculated using the standard metabolic rates of men only.

3. Architectural Record describes the challenges of revitalizing the Bruce C. Bolling building, an undertaking that preserved history while reinvigorating a neighborhood square.

4. Architect Magazine profiles a new public market under development in Portland (named after local native James Beard) that will create a pedestrian-friendly civic hub replete with hydroponic gardens, native plantings, and a green roof.

5. Building Design + Construction Magazine examines the relationship between noise and patient wellness in American hospitals, with opinions from industry experts on noise control, current technology, and opportunities for improvement (page 34).

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