Campus culture and cinematic architecture

This Friday we’re highlighting compelling work in the built environment, from Arup and beyond.

1. ArchDaily profiles the Lycée Français de Chicago, the new academic campus designed to inspire students and celebrate the school’s diverse community.

2. The Guardian likens North Korea’s current architectural design, initially introduced by Kim Il-sung, to that of a Wes Anderson film — bright colors, synthetic materials, and a set-like quality.

3. The Los Angeles Times spoke to Arup’s Elizabeth Valmont and Matt Wilkinson on the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and why the USC football venue is so quiet, despite the zealous fans.

4. Icon Magazine laments the loss of the sub-genre of architecture known as “Bond Villain’s Lair,” typified by villas cantilevered over hillsides and ultra-modern houses perched on pillars.

5. Stadia Magazine lauds MassMotion as the most advanced pedestrian simulation tool available, able to predict stadium entry and exit flow, evacuation scenarios, and how crowds will move through retail and refreshment concourses.

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