Net zero energy and sandcastle recipes

This Friday we’re highlighting compelling work in the built environment, from Arup and beyond.

1. Consulting-Specifying Engineer discusses the zero-net John W. Olver Transit Center as a case study for passive design strategies, maximized efficiency, and on-site power generation.

2. The Guardian spoke to Italian architect Renzo Piano about the art of the perfect sandcastle: the instinctive placement, the ideal angle, and, ultimately, the ephemeral nature of the pursuit.

3. The Registry announced the start of aboveground construction at 181 Fremont, a precertified LEED Platinum tower that will contain some of the United States’ highest-elevation residences west of Chicago.

4. Architectural Digest showcases Jeffrey Milstein’s aerial photographs of Los Angeles and New York developments, which put crop circles to shame.

5. ArchDaily features a playful Chicago performance venue created by Design With Company and Arup.

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