Spider webs and fiber nets

This Friday we’re featuring Studio Echelman’s latest sculpture As If It Were Already Here and the public interest, puzzlement, and praise it has generated.

1. The Boston Globe examines how the crew hoisted the one-ton sculpture 365 feet into the air. As complicated as a high-rise to build, the installation has a 2,000-pound kinetic mass that can potentially exert 70,000 pounds of force on the connected buildings.

2. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy posted a time-lapse video of the mile-and-a-half-long Greenway and the installation of the sculpture.

2. Boston Magazine breaks down the local inspiration behind the sculpture. Reminiscent of Boston’s Colonial-era seawall, it uses voids to reflect the razed Trimountain peaks and color to represent the Central Artery’s traffic lanes.

3. Engineering News-Record describes the sculpture by numbers, enumerating the weight, feet, crew members, installation hours, and even the number of knots tied into the colorful fibers. (Purchase or subscription required.)

5. Design Build Network elaborates on Arup’s role as lead engineering designer for the sculpture, in the firm’s fifth collaboration with Studio Echelman.

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